Angels In The Clouds

Angels are in the clouds.

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Seeing signs from the heavens, is often as simple as remembering to look up.

Today is your reminder to look up.

Are you asking for signs?

When we connect and ask God, The Universe, Spirit, our Angels to show us the way, it is easy to find ourselves facing the floor.

How often have you heard of someone mentioning they received a penny, a flower, a feather?  And, while these are all valid signs, for some they may not resonate.

Your sign will come in whatever form is easiest for you to accept.

Other Signs similar to Angels in the Clouds:

  • Vivid Dreams
  • Visions [often through meditation]
  • Sensing [a feeling or knowing]
  • Electrical Interference
  • Chills or Goosebumps
  • Scents [with no physical explanation]
  • Tastes [having eaten no food]
  • Insects [Ladybugs, butterflies etc, will approach you and seem calm in your presence]
  • Animals
  • Music [significant songs or lyrics]
  • Synchronistic numbers, or Angel Numbers [11:11, 333, 777, etc]

The best thing you can do to strengthen your ability to see and connect with signs. Is to ask for them and then accept what shows up for you.

Once you accept a sign as being so, you will see it show up more for you during times of need or guidance.

See below for some images taken of angelic miracles:
angel ptv australia
Seen during a prayer service in Aurora, Colorado
angel in sky psychic tv australia
Original Source Unknown
Angel in sky ptv
A U.S. marine, Aaron Kressley, took a picture of this angel in the clouds that was above his military base in Afghanistan.
angel psychic tv australia
Original Source Unknown
angel ptv australia
Angel taken from a cell phone. Click here to watch the news report.
ptv australia
Beautiful red fire coloured angel, seen in Royal Palm Beach, Florida the day the current Pope was elected.

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