Connect with your Crystal Energy

Connect with your Crystal Energy.

Crystals are known as a wonderful resource for energy work. Their natural vibrational frequencies can manipulate and improve the energies within their aura/space. Different crystals contain different vibrational energy that can be used in all manner of alternative ways depending upon the vibration and components of that crystal.

For centuries crystals have been used in healing, for religious purposes, and adorned for varying protection and results. They can be used to remove negative energy, to transmute negative energy into positive energy, to restore positive energy – both in external and internal practices. You can use them to aid in the attraction of love, to shift your energy, and all manner of physical methods can be adapted to the differences in each crystals properties.

Crystals such as Amethyst, for example, have been dated back centuries in its use.

But what are some of the different ways you can connect with the energy of your crystal?

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Crystal Energy Connection

The good news is that connection with your crystals energy is unlimited in varied ways you work with them. The only limitation is in your own limits.

Here are some of our ways that we use and connect with crystals and their energy:

  • Hold them.

Sit for a few moments and hold them in your palm. Meditate on the crystal and take note of what shows up for you. Take note of what sensations you feel when holding different crystals. Perhaps you might enjoy doing this practice with your crystals and keeping a meditation journal to jot-down your experiences?

  • Lay them on your body/chakras

Laying with different crystals over areas/chakras of the body can help in the redirection of energy. Lapis Lazuli, for example, on the throat chakra will help release problems in that area. ‘Such as repressed anger. It activates, energises and balances the throat chakra and encourages self-awareness. Being a stone of truth, it promotes honesty when speaking or writing, which could be beneficial to journalists and executives’ – angel grotto. Black tourmaline on an area of discomfort will help in drawing out negative energy in that area. While, quartz will help in the restoring of energy to different areas of the body.

  • Wear them

Perhaps one of the more obvious uses, however sometimes overlooked. Wearing your crystals for prolonged periods of time can help to improve your mood and personal vibrations, depending upon the crystal chosen. Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz or Rhodonite worn around the neck will enhance the restorative energy of the heart chakra. Carnelian worn in the pocket will aid in the balancing of the sacral chakra. Different crystals worn for varied intentions can do wonders for ones elevation of frequency, and thus, mood, character, spirit.

  • In your pets favourite places to rest/sleep
  • Under your pillow for a good nights rest or to ward off nightmares/dreams
  • In your plants and varied areas around the home

Be cautious when connecting with Crystals

Always remember to research the crystal you are using, or intend to use. To ensure that the ways in which you want to work with that crystal are safe.

For example, some crystals are toxic to pets and plants. Others are not safe for use in the bath or with water for cleansing, and some can be damaged in the sun over overly cool/warm climates.

So, you will want to ensure 100% that the crystal you are using can be used in the manner you wish, safely. Always do your own research to be safe.

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