February Moon Phases & Astro Transits: What’s showing up

February Moon Phases & Astrological Transits: What’s showing up

February astro

1st QTR Moon – Feb 8th – in Taurus 

This energy is asking us to be reflective, to the point of assertion. What can you now take a hold of and start implementing?
If plans haven’t yet aligned with your desired results, then what action can you now take?
This is a period of growth, that comes directly from being committed and not loosing sight. It’s not a time to wade through and take the passive route. Grab the bull and let it bound you towards your goals.

Pallas Enters Aries/Mercury Enters Aquarius – Feb 14th

Pallas is assertive energy that doesn’t enjoy waiting behind in line. Therefore you may find yourself compelled to take action, try something new, or shift gears completely. Pallas in Aries helps us to get the results we’ve been striving for. Just know that you get out what you put in. So, in the days leading up to the 14th ensure you’re doing all you can towards your tasks to help solidify your results being positive.
Mercury entering Aquarius also on this date may see the energy elevated even more. Your sense of drive, ignited! Aquarius may at times remain complacent, kind-of drifting by and allowing what will be, to be. Mercury here will take this and give us a little clearer [and more rational] view of what is swirling around us.
Ensure you’re paying attention, but also speaking up when you’re called.

Leo Full Moon – Feb 17th

Pivot and rebalance where needed. There’s endings showing up with this Leo Full Moon, asking you to fully release what you’re wanting to let go of.
An emotional full moon, as we blend these energies with that of love and matters of the heart.
You may be letting go of old beliefs with love, old ways of foundational beliefs. And through that process opening up to the new and excitement of meeting new people and forming new bonds.

Last QTR Moon – In Scorpio – Feb 23rd

Time now to act accordingly and take responsibility. Your emotions may have had you wanting to shy away & not face the music, but there’s time now to be real and get real. 
Look over what isn’t working and perhaps ask yourself why. Taking a direct approach and being accountable will help see things steer back on track.

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