Five Ways To Connect With The Angels

You’re always connected to the wonderment and love of The Angels

There are many ways you can strengthen your connection with The Angels. Know that in every moment, the Angels are with you. They bring love, support, encouragement, passion, nurturing, and more to our lives. They’re the nudges we don’t even notice are there. Pulling us closer towards the paths in live we choose to pave.

Ways you can Connect with The Angels:

  • Pay attention to your heart, your emotions and physical sensations. In moments of heightened emotion, of needing clarity or guidance. The Angels will often subtly connect with you through what you can feel.
  • Listen. Much like touch and sensation, listening for buzzing sounds or audio that transpires through the physical ear. Pay attention to when these sounds arise, what were you thinking at the time?
  • Scent. The Angels know how to get your attention. The smells of nostalgia will always take your attention in any moment. Your Father’s favourite cologne, your Grandparents basement, the first perfume you were gifted. Scent holds unique and personal meaning to everyone, so notice when you become aware of these moments.
  • Visualisation. Meditation and visualisation are ways in which The Angels may let you know they’re near. Taking a moment to pause and be still may be just what is required to get your awareness activated.

Our best method for Angel Connection:

There is nothing more powerful than our intentions & knowing what we want to manifest. The most pure and direct way to bridge your connection with The Angels, is simply to ask.

Take a moment to write a letter, sit peacefully in prayer, or simply speak aloud [or in your mind] what you wish to convey. The Angels connect with you so very deeply, that knowing they’re near to you need not be difficult.

Angel Affirmations

  • I am so grateful for my connection with The Angels
  • I grow more connected daily with The Angels and their messages
  • I thank The Angels for their love, guidance and constant support.

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