Interview With Psychic Annette

Psychic Annette: Getting to know our Psychics on an individual level, allows you to connect with them and better understand their energy.

We at Psychic TV Australia believe that this allows you to make informed judgements when selecting the right Psychic for your call.

Today we’re getting to know Psychic Annette.

  • How did you become aware of your Psychic abilities?

I come from generations of psychic readers and at a very early age I connected with Spirit. When I was a young girl growing up  I developed a sense of knowing exactly how things would turn out in a moment in time. I used my intuition daily and thought everyone had the same knowing.

It wasn’t until my teens when I really started my connection with spirit again and realised that not everyone could use psychic abilities or even intuition but I grew up with these abilities and nurture those who need support.

  • What has become a highlight of your lightwork and connecting with spirit?

The highlight is being able to actually make a difference in someone’s life, reduce stress by giving them the information that they can make an informed choice. It is a choice nothing is ever set in stone.

  • When working with clients, what aspect of this process brings you the most joy?

The great joy when I do a reading or connect with a loved one in Spirit. I hear the clients voice relax because there becomes a sense of being prepared for the things that may come up. I know myself I can accept almost anything if I’m prepared for the outcome and I think our clients can relate to this.

  • What is your personal method for opening to messages and/or spirit connection?

I always open and close my day with a prayer of thanks and gratitude. I believe in God and trust the messages that loved ones in spirit want passed on to their loved ones are accurate.

  • What is your personal method for grounding, or closing out, after a client session?

I send gratitude and thanks for allowing me to connect them with their loved ones.

  • Have you always worked spiritually, or have you worked in other fields/careers?

I have worked in many careers but have always used my psychic abilities daily no matter what I am doing.

  • What is your idea of a perfect Saturday evening?

My perfect Saturday evening would be spending time with loved ones. Once they are all settled down for the night then I sometimes spend time on PTV because I usually have a sense of knowing if a loved one wants to give or get a message.

  • What is your one key piece of advice for anyone considering whether or not to have a professional psychic reading?

Let go of your ego because then you can trust the messages you receive aren’t your own thoughts.

  • Lastly, what is a favourite quote

‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory’ – Dr Seuss

The other is;

‘Believe you can and you are halfway there’ – Theodore Roosevelt


If you’re interested with connecting with Psychic Annette or learning more about them, you can connect here: Annette

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