Interview With Psychic TV Australia Psychic, Michael 9149

Psychic Michael: Getting to know our Psychics on an individual level, allows you to connect with them and better understand their energy.

We at Psychic TV Australia believe that this allows you to make informed judgements when selecting the right Psychic for your call.

Today we’re getting to know Psychic Michael Dimarco 9149.

  • How did you become aware of your Psychic abilities?

It took me some time to work them out. I knew as a child I would sense emotions and energy around me, it didn’t make sense so I ignored it. It wasn’t until I was about 22/23 I met another Psychic, who become my mentor. She helped me to understand my gift and how to better control it.

  • What has become a highlight of your lightwork and connecting with spirit?

A highlight overall for me is seeing my career grow. 10 years ago I would never say that I would have international clients in the USA or even the UK. To also have the support from other respected Psychics within the industry – I proud of what I have accomplished and I am excited for the future.

  • When working with clients, what aspect of this process brings you the most joy?

Overall for me the most joy has been and is helping others find clarity and insight. Nothing fills my heart more when a client comes back saying how much I have helped them. I don’t do what I do for myself, I use my gift to inspire, help and grow others. No matter how big or small the question may appear.

  • What is your personal method for opening to messages and/or spirit connection?

I work as an Empath, so for me I pick up naturally on the vibration of your energy though voice or in person. I suppose I don’t have a direct method, for me it comes naturally and instant. Before every reading I always make sure I am grounded and open to receiving any message that might come through.

  • What is your personal method for grounding, or closing out, after a client session?

For me my personal method is smudging the room after every client. At the end of the day my main method is showering. I use the shower as me time and imagine all the energy washing off my body and going down the drain. I also start my day like this to fully recharge.

  • Have you always worked spiritually, or have you worked in other fields/careers?

Being a Psychic is a huge part of my day and something I do full time. However I am a qualified Scriptwriter / Director and work within the film industry alongside my Psychic work – Yes I do have films out and continue to work on more.

  • What is your idea of a perfect Saturday evening?

If am not working / logged onto PTV. I like to spend it quiet. You will often find me with a glass of red, a tapas platter and good company or a good movie. I am not someone who really goes out. I prefer to entertain at home or have me time.

  • What is your one key piece of advice for anyone considering whether or not to have a professional psychic reading?

Make sure you’re ready and ready for what might come out. I’ve come across many clients in my time who we’re not ready for a reading. We have no control on what messages we get or what information we give. Do not come to a Psychic hoping to hear what you want to hear. Instead come with a open mind and open heart.

  • Lastly, what is a favourite quote

““Change your attitude and you will change your outcome.” – Michael Dimarco 9149

If you’re interested with connecting with Psychic Michael or learning more about them, you can connect here: Michael

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