July Retrogrades

July Retrogrades: Surviving Retrograde periods doesn’t need to be difficult, or daunting.

It’s often funny to poke-fun of this period, for all the shifted energy it brings. Mercury and Saturn often being blamed for a lot of negative associations during their retrogrades, however it’s scarcely the truth. Retrogrades at their core bring up areas in our life for reflection and shift us into new beginnings and alignments. While the physical implications may arise at times we may not fully appreciate, with later reflection it is often understood the full benefit of these implications.

Let’s take a look over the July Retrogrades and what is still to come, for how long, and in what areas these planets will impact.

Chiron Retrograde – July 15 – December 19th

Planet [Asteroid] of: Your deepest wound, struggles, healing, emotional sensitivity.

Retrograde through sign: Aries

Pay attention to areas you need to heal or mend. Ignoring what hasn’t been properly repaired will only intensify these energies.

Pluto Retrograde – April 27 – October 6th

Planet of: Creation & Destruction

Retrograde through sign: Capricorn

Gain a deeper understanding of how you control situations in your life and the ways you are controlled.

Saturn Retrograde – May 23 – October 10th

Planet of: Discipline, Authority, Structure, and Tradition.

Retrograde through sign: Aquarius

Standing in your own power and aligning with what you desire, instead of simply following suit or “keeping the peace.”

Jupiter Retrograde – June 20th – October 18th

Planet of: Adventure & Philosophy

Retrograde through sign: Pisces

Feelings or desires to go inward. Personal reflection and selfish desires.

Neptune Retrograde – June 25 – December 1st

Planet of: Dreams, Fantasies, & Illusions

Retrograde through sign: Pisces

See things for what they really are. Realisations, removal of hidden motivations.


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