Jupiter Retrograde June 20 – October 18th

Jupiter is going retrograde from now until October 18th, beginning in the sign of Pisces & moving into Aquarius.

Jupiter is known to connect with masculine energy, specifically the male yang energy, when retrograde. This energy may have you feeling a deeper need to withdraw inwards.

Some key themes during this Jupiter retrograde:

  • Take Control
  • Reflect
  • Review
  • Reassess
  • Feelings of haze and confusion
  • optimistic about people
  • optimistic about opportunities
  • Political disagreements
  • Drawn to change
  • Drawn to causes
  • Feelings of wanting large scale change, but feelings of unsure action

Days and points of interest

  • June 24 – feelings of hope and excitement, comfort and security [cancer sun]
  • July 13 – an ease with conversating and verbally expressing our emotions more freely [Mercury & Jupiter trine]
  • July 23 – conflict in relationships and with romantic partners [opposing Venus]
  • July 29 – A need to pace yourself and your energy [opposing Mars]

What to anticipate and be aware of this Jupiter Retrograde:

If you don’t wish to see changes taking place in certain areas of your life, then now is time to assert yourself and the boundaries you have in place. Some of what takes place will welcome you to new opportunities. But as is always the case with retrograde periods, is a time of reflection and reassessment.

Expansion and growth go into reverse mode for the usually benevolent Jupiter in retrograde. So, where you may have had energies and situations that have become out of control. This is a great time to take back the control that has become laxed or less focused.

These periods will also hit each of the signs differently, depending on what ism coming forward with this energy individually. However, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces signs may experience a heightened intensity over the next four months.

What to do if faced with situations that go against your desires during this Jupiter retrograde:

As you can see, this is a bit of an energetic mixed bag this retrograde. Some of what may show up is positive, some not so. What’s most important is how you work with the energy when it shows up and allow yourself to reflect, reflect and assess.

What to embrace:

Any situations that come out of no where and seem to thrust you in any unplanned and new directions.

The transfer of one direction to another may seem direct, hasty, perhaps even hostile. However, where you land holds great new power and positivity towards your future.

Adjust and realign wherever you need to.

Remember, these transitions are often arrived at times when they’re needed, but also when unexpected. Go forward with a clearer mindset and understanding, that any changes upcoming have real potential to allow you to grow for the better.

Know that this retrograde may rouse dormant rivals, or surface those that have been dishonest or disloyal in your praise.

Do not take everything at face value, rather, run those background checks and question anything you sense may not be in your best good.

Embrace the changes that will flow to you, as there will be many positives to surface during these coming months.

Happy Retrograde!

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