Mercury Retrograde until June 22nd

Mercury Retrograde & Everything Else Taking Place Right Now [It’s a lot!]

Saturn is retrograde from now until October 10th, Pluto is retrograde, Venus is squaring Neptune as of yesterday, and now we add Mercury to the mix.

It’s all ok, no need to start banging pots and pans or pulling any hairs out. Everything will be fine. Retrograde periods actually help us to shift-out of what isn’t helping, what needs to be looked and possibly reworked in areas of our lives. Each different planetary retrograde will shift on different life aspects for what needs to be looked at.

Being that Mercury focuses on communication, our thought processes, travel, machinery & electronics. We can expect to have some shifts in these areas. How these ‘shifts’ will manifest will depend upon where you are within your journey and alignment with your desires.

It’s important to know that the effects from this retrograde, which will last around three weeks at their height, have the capacity to also re-shift the mind. Helping us to re-think on how we would normally do things. Finding new ways and allowing ourselves to grow in new ways. Always a positive!

Some key themes during this Mercury retrograde:

  • Miscommunication
  • Glitches
  • Technology going haywire
  • Ensure Vehicles are well maintained
  • Misunderstandings
  • Rethinking
  • Rewiring old ways of how we see ourselves
  • A need for self care
  • A need to slow down
  • Going easy on ourselves and each other

Paying attention is important during this Mercury retrograde, in order to establish direction and focus. Where areas in our lives become confused or frustrated, there is good chance for change that shifts you into new directions.

Mercury Retrograde and Venus Square Neptune:

With Venus now squaring Neptune, there’s a chance that our insecurities may flourish now too. Not feeling fully confident, or as confident as usual. This means that now is a great way to take this astrological heads-up and pay attention to your thoughts and how you see yourself.

Perhaps spending a little more time and energy on self-love, self care and positive affirmations will help you to stay on top of any personal love goals you may have.

What to do if faced with situations that go against your desires during this Mercury retrograde:

This mercury retrograde is in Gemini & also falls during eclipse season. Therefore, the universe is calling us to change our ways of thinking. Allow conversations to unfold as they will, and allow yourself to go with the flow.

If situations arise that you feel aren’t aiding you along, then it’s time to stop within those moments. Be aware of them and pay attention to your thoughts and emotions within them. As these moments will present to show us exactly what may need more work, more energy and a new way of responding.

What to embrace:

  • Renew your commitments
  • Back up technology/data
  • Get the car serviced [if it’s due/overdue]
  • Re-read all emails before sending
  • Go over the fine print of all documents to be signed. Or, better yet, hold off until Mercury Retrograde ends [where possible].
  • Ensure & track all post [Mercury rules postal systems]
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Process all unresolved issues to allow them to be released.

Remember, these transitions are often arrived at times when they’re needed, but also when unexpected. Go forward with a clearer mindset and understanding, that any changes upcoming have real potential to allow you to grow for the better.

Know that this retrograde may rouse dormant rivals, or surface those that have been dishonest or disloyal in your praise.

Do not take everything at face value, rather, run those background checks and question anything you sense may not be in your best good.

Embrace the changes that will flow to you, as there will be many positives to surface during these coming months.

Happy Retrograde!

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