Pluto in Retrograde Until October

Pluto in retrograde is bringing forward a better future. This period, from now until October 6th, brings with it transformation in politics, governments and structures. Causing these areas to slowdown in order to bring about adjustments & reflection.

These same energies may linger into the elements of our lives that are also seen as structured.

Pluto is only half way through its tour of Capricorn, and we’ve already seen radical changes and crumbling of structures.

Take this time over the next five months to re-evaluate what ‘status’ means to you. How do you see and define status? Is it celebrity, is it the honour of an individual or group? Is it in financial success? How does this term apply to you and/or, how does it make you feel?

Some key themes during this Pluto retrograde:

  • Workplace challenges will have the capacity to smooth over.
  • A shift in the power dynamics within our lives
  • Letting go of negative relationships and situations

Systems that are no longer working, supporting our best, or bringing fulfilment, have strong capacity to be collected within this transformative energy.

What to anticipate and be aware of this Pluto Retrograde:

With these transformations, as Pluto rules the psyche, the patriarchy, and we may be faced with personal power struggles.

What to do if faced with power struggles during this Pluto retrograde:

Your awareness is your best asset during this transition. Pay close attention to your relationships and any situations that feel oppressive or imposing during this transit.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate relationships or situations that make you feel restricted.

What not to do:

Do not fear the letting go of negative relationships.

Your growth during this retrograde period will bring with it greater success and comfort in these areas.

Remember, these transitions are often arrived at times when they’re needed, but also when unexpected. Go forward with a clearer mindset and understanding, that any changes upcoming have real potential to allow you to grow for the better.

Know that this retrograde may rouse dormant rivals, or surface those that have been dishonest or disloyal in your praise.

Do not take everything at face value, rather, run those background checks and question anything you sense may not be in your best good.

Embrace the changes that will flow to you, as there will be many positives to surface during these coming months.

Happy Retrograde!

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