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I am available mostly in the evenings

About Tee


  • Channeler
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Medium
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Angel Cards
  • Crystals


  • Career/Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Destiny/Life Path
  • Love/Relationships

Star Sign:

  • Capricorn 


Adelaide based Psychic Medium Tee is a naturally gifted Psychic and Medium that is able to specifically pinpoint physical, energetic and emotional time stamps that are causing current blockages in your life and provide accurate insight on how to overcome, move past, and give clear insight of what is to come in your future.

As a medium Tee has been communicating with the spirit world since as young as she can remember.  After years of dedication and commitment to attuning her psychic skills she conducted her first ‘REAL” psychic mediumship reading 20+ years ago.

Psychic readings with Tee will give you accurate insight into your current situation, provide you with guidance on how to heal from the past,  ‘be’ in the present and prepare for the future.

Tee enjoys working with specific questions in the areas of relationships, career, business ,property, life path, paranormal occurrences , spirituality, healing, shadow work and personal development.

With mediumship Tee allows your loved ones to be “called in” or “show up” without prior information needed- no photos, no names  and delivers very intimate, specific information and memories to validate who is connecting for you.

Tee connects to your spirit guides for all psychic information (past present future) . Mediumship is where she connects to past loved ones (deceased) . Tee is able to switch between both during one reading sitting depending on the information being delivered (spirit does not deliver future predictions)



Pay By Card - from $5.00 per minute.

AUS:(02) 90710199


  • Thank you Nada for your insight, tenderness and compassion. With gratitude. Highly accurate and insightful – would recommend.

Rene Madeddu
  • Visited for a private reading during the Xmas holidays, and at the psychic fair in Adelaide.

    Both times Psychic Medium Tee has displayed an incredible accuracy that has to be witnessed to be believed. Words don’t do any justice.

    She is awesome and the real deal. Her advice has helped me beyond measure. If you are considering a psychic reading, look no further!

    The crystal light bed therapy is truely amazing!

  • What an amazing talent Tee has!

    I had the most beautiful reading filled with all the answers and guidance I could ever ask for. Thank you for getting rid of all my negative subconscious thoughts and self doubt xx


  • Tee is a beautiful lady, I felt instantly comfortable with her, she is very calm and very kind! I couldn’t believe how spot on she is with her readings, I can’t wait to haver another reading!

    Just wanted to update my review as I have since had another reading with Psychic Medium Tee and can I say yet again she has been eerily correct in her predictions, my reading was only last week and 2 of her predictions have happened already! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about having a reading! Thankyou Tee xxx​

  • ​Thank you Psychic Medium Tee for my reading last week. I was very nervous going in and she was very welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. Everything she said was

    pretty much spot on and it all really meant alot to me especially to

    hear from my brother who passed away almost 2 years ago.

    It’s helped me heal a little bit more. Definitely recommend Tee for a reading xx

  • This gorgeous human being is just gorgeous!

    I’m so privileged to have her read for me and to have her accept me to connect.

    Her style of reading is different, more conversation like,

    I didn’t touch any cards or anything, yet guidance just flow from her accurately.
    Her space is just divine. I’m inspired! being spiritual myself, I walked into my session with arms wide open to accept her angels blessing.I felt the magic by just being in her space

    I’m so grateful to have been recommended to Tee by my angel friend Tania.

    So grateful.Thank you so much gorgeous Psychic Medium Tee.

    I’m grateful and glad we crossed paths in this life.

    I will definitely stay in touch, Blessings and love to you x

  • Psychic Medium Tee is an amazing psychic/medium.

    Her connection with my energy has always been very strong in every connection.

    Tee has been 100% accurate in all of my readings, I have become a regular client.

    Tee has always helped me to connect with myself and my own intuition. I have been blessed to have mentorship from Psychic Medium Tee, which has helped me grow more then words could possibly describe.

    She not only gives me the answers Im seeking, but also ways to implement and action on what I need to do. Extremely lucky and blessed to connect with this beautiful Earth Angel ❤

  • A great psychic with proven capabilities. Very centered and positive energy.

    Some day I dream to ascend to this high quality skill set to deliver such good service xoxo

  • I came to Psychic Medium Tee today feeling very sad and very lost and I left feeling rejuvenated and excited for my future. Thanks to Psychic Medium Tee I was able to connect to the other side and have validation on things I needed to know. She has given me a lot of validation on my career path, my relationship and has helped steer me in the right direction. So pleased I came to see her today.

    Highly recommend her! She’s amazing!

  • ​I couldn’t recommend psychic Medium Tee enough. I was blown away with my reading ❤️❤️

    and I left feeling more at peace. Thank you so much Tee​

  • Nada had me pinned straight up. What a beautiful, gifted and kind soul. Exaclty what I have been searching for since moving East and leaving me previous crystal healer. Thank you gorgeous lady. xxx

Hayley Steinbacher
  • Had a session today, straight away before I even got comfortable picked up on my most biggest thing impacting my life completely blew my mind and everything else was so very helpful and insightful and reassuring and just lovely and calm nature comes from her will definitely go again Thankyou xo

  • ​A lovely caring accurate psychic medium. I would and do recommend Psychic Medium Tee for readings, clearings and the crystal light bed is amazing.


  • Psychic Medium Tee is such a gentle caring soul. My daughter and I both had a reading last week.

    We were blown away with her accuracy. Psychic Medium Tee was able to tell us about our dogs health

    and I must say she was spot on with all 3 dogs. We got guidance in our careers and relationships.

    Wow Psychic Medium Tee was one of the best Psychic’s I have ever seen.

  • Psychic Medium Tee I have seen three times to date and no doubt many more to come. Her readings are without fail spot on and completely accurate.
    I could not recommend Tee high enough.

    Her gift is unique and her delivery to the point and concise.

    Simply the only psychic I’ll use.


  • ​​Wow Thanks for helping my relationship move forward, I was about to give up on it, until I received Psychic Medium Tee’s reading. It gave me hope and clarity and I realised that we are right for each other and it was worth saving. I sent the reading to my partner and Di couldn’t believe that Tee was spot on.

    Communications has now opened up and we are moving forward. Thank Tee highly recommended !

  • Psychic Medium Tee is a woman that I not only trust to be a shining light and a person of great integrity in my life, but also in the life of my 15 year old daughter.

    As any parent would know trusting someone to hold a space with your young teen in discussion their personal mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health is a major deal. When my daughter requested that she go and speak to Psychic MediumTee

    (after having been only once before many months ago) at a time of feeling highly emotional & confused, my heart (after numerous visits with Tee myself) felt happy and content knowing that the professional my daughter was choosing to turn to herself was one without agenda, judgement & who I knew would offer her high quality emotional and of course spiritual advice and guidance. My daughter came out of her visit feeling empowered, more confident in herself and much more clarity about her direction.

    As a mum I understand that sometimes our children need to speak to people other than ourselves and I am sooo glad that Psychic Medium Tee is a professional my daughter has absolute trust in as do I. Thank you amazing woman x

  • ​I had a lovely reading and crystal light bed therapy session. Very professional.

    Highly recommended!


  • I had a reading with Psychic Medium Tee couple weeks ago,

    I took the time to let everything sink in that she mentioned during our session before leaving a review. During my session she spoke of things about my partner who I tragically lost in a car accident. Quiet a few things she mentioned fitted in and all made sense. There also a few things she mentioned about a guy I’m currently seeing so I sneakily asked him questions that were said in my reading an every thing tee said was his words. And it was about my future something we hadn’t yet spoke off. So thank you Psychic Medium Tee, your amazing.

  • I had a reading a few weeks ago over the phone with Psychic Medium Tee
    A friend had bought me a gift reading I don’t know how you knew these things Tee but you were spot on
    I will message you privately with my exciting news exactly what you predicted has happened
    Thank you xx. I still can’t believe it, no one could have thought this would happen,

    and you told me straight up. You are amazing there are no words. Thank you xxx

  • I was fortunate enough to have a reading from Psychic Medium Tee yesterday.

    I was quite nervous as i have never experienced a reading before from anyone.
    Within minutes I felt calm and relaxed. I was excited to connect with Tee and was blown away.
    I look forward to see how my future unfolds.What an amazing gift you have Tee and will definitely be back to connect with you again. Thankyou for the experience… ​

  • I met Tee for a reading yesterday and she blew me away- she was amazing.

    Without a doubt the best psychic I’ve ever seen or had a reading from. She knew everything – I told her very little but she knew things no one could guess.

    She told me so many accurate details of my life, and then reassured me about things worrying me.

    I feel like a weight off of my shoulders. I highly recommend a reading from Tee as she is the real deal. 5/5

  • Tee’s method is unique and very accurate.

  • ​​I had my first ever reading today and i can not recommend psychic Medium Tee enough.

    I am shocked at how amazing she is.

    She knew near everything about me straight away, it was scary!

    Such a beautiful lady with an astounding blessing xx


  • All of it, from the trip/hug, right up until the very end!!

    Very accurate and soul satisfying…Im left feeling, light, clear, cleansed, fresh!!…

    Tee is absolutely gorgeous!! anyone reading this, do it, do it now, book Psychic Medium Tee asap!!…

  • Such a great reading today – brought thru everyone I wanted to hear from and so accurately

    …. I will be back xoxo


  • What an amazing soul. Absolutely spot on readings. Such a warm and inviting environment.

    I’m so lucky to have been referred to Tee, and will definitely be visiting her again.


  • Wow, Wow, Wow!!

    Today I had a reading with Psychic Medium Tee and I have to say she by far exceeded my expectations. Her accuracy was incredible .

    I feel so at peace within myself since meeting with her today.

    Now I have clarity and confidence with regards to the direction my life is taking and have a more positive outlook and understanding of my future. Thankyou again Tee.Todays reading was life changing for me. I have to say, Psychic Medium Tee is the real deal.. Xx

Daffern Sharni
  • This lady is just something I’ve never have experienced.

    She is so intuitive and almost chilling what she tells you.

    There are many out there that are not worth your time or money… not this angel she is a breath of fresh air. Stunning women with a gift to be shared by all.

    This is my second visit and will be seeing her again for further needs.

  • I cannot recommend Psychic Medium Tee highly enough, she absolutely blows me away every time, such a beautiful soul her messages are exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it,

    her support and guidance has helped me to realign my life back to my divine path.

    Truly blessed to have met you xoxo

  • Had an incredible reading with Tee this morning, everything she said was. bang on, and I left the reading feeling very positive about where things are headed

    Tee I cannot thank you enough, definitely recommend a reading xox

  • Tee is genuine, accurate and incredibly. I’d recommend her to everyone!!

    Thanks so much for your guidance x


  • My session with Psychic Medium Tee was an experience I’ll never forget.

    She has ways to bring clarity, a peace of mind to your questions whether you are prepared to ask them or not, she is incredibly spot on with all her messages through our reading, bringing forth situations that needed my attention in regarding to family and my love life. she immediately makes you feel so comfortable with her beautiful space and personality.

    I’ve already recommended to a few people who need Tee’s guidance almost straight after my experience! but I believe everyone could benefit from visiting her even if you are just at a crossroad in life.

    Thankyou so much Tee for your amazing work and enlightenment.