Star: Oracle of the Day April 24th

Oracle of the Day:



Star 36: Good Fortune & Universal Blessings. 

Are you being looked after?

Are you spiritually connected and guided right now?

Yes, your spiritual and creative destiny will are supported.

The Universe absolutely has your back, and it’s stepping forward today to ask you. Are you supporting yourself too?

What’s important today, is the awareness that the Universe is not there to take your first step forward for you. But the reminder that the Universe absolutely will step in and guide you once you do.

Today is perfect time to ask yourself if you are taking those first steps towards your best. Are you taking risks that align with your desires? Putting yourself first and supporting yourself on your own personal journey?

On the flip side of that, if you’re not. Today may be the perfect time to reassess and realign. Because the Star is here as a nudge towards your best.


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