Tarotscopes Sun Signs for April 2021

Here is your full Tarotscopes report for April, covering all Astrological Sun Signs.

Tarotscopes combine elements of the Tarot and Astrology to create your months forecast.

This month we will begin in the passionately motivated sign of Aries, before we transition over to grounded & hardworking Taurus on April 20th.

So, let’s see what is showing up this month for each sign

Aries – Happy Birthday! [March 21 – April 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Chariot and 8 of Pentacles

This month there may be a focus on direction and motivation towards what it is you’re working on. There may be areas of your career that are being propelled into new and exciting directions. It’s an important time for you to ensure control over projects and goals. As a means for implementing the passionate energy around you this month in ways that will benefit you in the longer run.

Some of you may feel as though you are moving onto bigger and better this month. With signs of new employment, expanded learning and personal development showing up for you Aries. Your passionate and motivational energy may see you wanting to be more socially engaged. A reminder to embrace any excitement and fun you feel propelled to explore this month.

Taurus [April 20 – May 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Empress and 8 of Cups [rev]

A reminder for you earthly Taureans to ground towards the end of this month. For some, this grounding will come as you shift yourself away from energies no longer in aid of your inner most well being. A shift in your perspectives may have you in a state of revelation about what you hold dear.

Signs of release are showing up for you this, as you connect with energies of the divine feminine. A possible reconnection with an estranged female role in your life, may bring with it hopefulness and optimism for a rekindled future together.

Gemini [May 21 – June 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: Judgement and 3 of Wands

Quick growth may find you, Gemini, as these energies see you looking ahead. Some will find events manifest quickly this month and there is much room for personal expansion that is showing as prevalent across all areas of your life.

Applying your focus may prove difficult for some, as the three of wands sees you looking forwards and feeling a strong desire to act. The Judgement card here reminds you to remain present this month and focus on what is manageable in the now. Planning will play an important factor, as doing so will see you potentially taking leaps and bounds towards where your sights hold hope.

Cancer [June 21 – July 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Rebirth and 3 of Pentacles

A possible collaborative transition for you this month Cancer, with this combination suggesting movement in areas where you are positioned within a team structure. You may be moving out of something and find yourself better aligned with those that you see further connections with. This will manifest as a positive transition that will help to see you build on areas within your work and/or career.

There is chance of reconnection this month, as you may have, in recent months, found yourself preferring the comfort of your own solitude.

A strong sense of opportunity also shows itself for you. As you may have found yourself  stepping away, you will move outwards from one situation and into another that looks to serve your happiness more sufficiently.

Leo [July 23 – August 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Hierophant and Ace of Pentacles

Elements of morality and opportunity showing up for you this month, Leo. You may be presented with an opportunity that glistens with hopeful prosperity. But perhaps leaves you questioning your desires from an ethical standpoint. Leading with your truest desires will help you to make a decision that aligns with your own moral compass and goals for the future.

Remember to stay grounded within your truest desires this month, as you may feel at times as though you are being emotionally triggered. The Ace suggests new opportunities coming to you that you may not be expecting. The Hierophant reminds you to go forward with choices that are in aid of your best interests. There may be too many chefs in the kitchen that is your destiny this month, so remember to stay true to you.

Virgo [August 23 – September 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Tower and 10 of Swords

This month, Virgo is asked what lay within the silver-lining of recent events and experiences. Are you connected with the choices and direction you are heading, or are you simply going with the flow?

A strong pull for you to regain positive balance through your shifted focus towards those in your life that bring you happiness and support. What are your passion projects? Are you aligning yourself with activities that fill your heart with joy? For some of you, new activities and adventures will find you towards the end of the month. These new prosperities bring with them an optimism you may have been longing for.

April Tarotscopes

Libra [September 23 – October 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Fool and 5 of Swords

A free-spirited energy finds you throughout this month and bleeds over into May. You find yourself more ambitious, as new beginnings may be filling your soul with excitement for what is to come.

A reminder to hold your future plans close to your chest. As there may be some around you that are striving for your failure. Stay focused and your plans will work out as intended.

Scorpio [October 23 – November 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Hanged Man and 4 of cups

Feelings of disconnect seem to be present towards the first half of the month. Elements of sacrifice and perhaps a transition into a new phase of life, will have you reflecting over what was. There are energies symbolic of release here. You will start to see the benefits of these transitions closer towards the end of the month.

As you have been feeling isolated and perhaps stuck in a situation. This transition will soon be realised as something to be welcomed. The feelings of being held back relinquish for you and you find yourself feeling reconnected with yourself and those around you. Hopeful planning will shift any lingering energy that you no longer wish to carry over into next month.

Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Star and 9 of Pentacles

Prosperity finds you this month as you begin to see efforts for work put in. Where are you spending your energy? What are you applying yourself to this month? As there is positive chance for reward for efforts this month.

Great now to look at where you are looking after yourself. Have you been applying self care? When was the last time you spoiled yourself, Sagittarius? Now is a perfect time to shift your energy over into one of focus onto yourself. Reward yourself, spoil yourself a little. Credit where it is due, and this month has you wanting to spend some energy on yourself.

Capricorn [December 22 – January 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: Wheel of Fortune and Page of Pentacles

You know you have been working hard and striving towards what has needed to be done. This month will see come positive closure and transformation of ambition for you. You are moving out of one phase and into the next. While this does appear to be planned changes, the uncertainty of outcome shouldn’t be what prevents you from moving forward with your plans.

The Page and the Wheel together suggests a turning point. Luck has potential to be on your side this month, so embrace what unknown opportunities present before you.

Aquarius [January 20 – February 18]

Tarotscopes Pull: The Sun and 8 of Wands

An energy of celebration, rejuvenation and clear understanding. You may have found yourself mulling over the events of last month. For some of you, reflecting on a month that perhaps didn’t go to plan or didn’t run as anticipated. April suggests plans that once fell through taking place now and running much smoother.

Signs of a relocation are showing here, but won’t necessarily be a psychical relocation. As you may find yourself looking more critically as what you are sharing your energy with. Where are you giving time and is this in aid of your best interests?

Pisces [February 19 – March 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: Wheel of Fortune, 2 of Pentacles and 6 of Cups

A happy energy for you this month. With a focus on areas of connection and a return to familiarity. You may be visiting friends or family, or feel more drawn to reach out. Decisions during the month can be better made with the understanding of change finding you aid of positive outcomes.

Allow any bumps in the road to be seen as positive new directions. As plans may shift about and be changed at the last minute throughout most of the month.

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