The Full Moon & How It Affects Your Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon & How It Affects Your Zodiac Sign, written by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco

The full moon affects our bodies similar to how it affects the oceans. Since our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, it’s easy to understand why the moon would pull us and sway us like the ocean. When the moon is full, that it is high tide for emotions. Depending on your zodiac sign (star sign) this can affect you in different ways. 


The full moon has a way of bringing both sides of emotion out into the open.  The sign of Aries, for example, is ambitious, outgoing, and personable. The positive side of an Aries during a full moon is the greater desire to be social and to share their opinions with others; however, Aries is also very headstrong. If you find yourself in an argument with an Aries around the time of the full moon, brace yourself, because they are prone to anger and will not hold back.


The passionate Scorpio, for example, is already an intense sign, so things can get even more heated for this sign under a full moon. Scorpio is the darkest sign of the zodiac, meaning that it takes all of its water energy that it shares with Cancer and Pisces and takes it to a deeper, darker place. Moreover, Scorpio is known as the most sexual sign of the zodiac, and that can manifest itself twofold during the full moon: the intimacy a Scorpio is able to conjure up during a full moon is unparalleled, but the downside to the full moon is that it can intensify drama, stubbornness, and controlling aspects. 


While also very passionate, Pisces is almost the exact opposite of a Scorpio in this instance. Instead of projecting intense emotions, Pisces open themselves up to them. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is the most empathic. That can be a great thing at the full moon. It can make you feel really close to people. But if you’re too empathic and you don’t shield your energy well, you could end up feeling really drained. On the bright side, Pisces can find themselves feeling more inspired than ever during a full moon.


A Leo would react much differently to the energy of a full moon. Leo loves the full moon because Leo is all about passion and creativity and enthusiasm. Leo is constantly craving access to bigger energy, so at the full moon you’re going to see Leos being extremely outgoing, extremely enthusiastic and possibly creating something new. Leos tend to be very entrepreneurial and so they take that full moon energy and put it towards new ventures. The dark side of those qualities, however, is that a Leo can become overly enthusiastic to the point that they are overbearing and bossy. 


A Virgo enjoys the increased energy brought on by the full moon because it allows them to increase their work productivity. Virgos love to get organised and they love to prioritise and they find that extra energy helps them get more work done. Yes, the full moon obviously provides more literal light than other phases of the moon, but it also has an illuminating property in terms of awareness and realisation. Now, Virgos don’t like this very much because they don’t thrive in the spotlight like some of the other zodiac signs do. Virgos don’t like to be the focus of attention or conversation. It makes Virgo a little uncomfortable.


Capricorns are a different story. The magnifying energy of the full moon can actually help Capricorns have a better sense of visibility about their priorities. It actually will illuminate the path to achievement and success for them. The overwhelming brightness of the moon can put some on edge while others use it as a powerful guide. Capricorns do enjoy the increased success they might have during the phase of the full moon, on the whole, they find this time rather troublesome. They don’t like energies that destabilise their environment; it makes them uncomfortable. 


Sagittarius and Aquarius revel in it. Aquarians love the full moon because they love to take on new things. This sign actually loves change, so any destabilising effect the moon might have won’t bother them. Sagittarius, tends to be more positive about it. Sagittarius has the most fun at the full moon because Sagittarius is the sign of freedom. At the full moon, they feel like it’s an opportunity to break out of old patterns, to find new ways to create excitement or to break a cycle that they’ve been stuck in.


Cancer has the distinction of being a sign that is ruled by the moon, so everything about the full moon hits harder for them. Cancers are the sign that feel everything very intensely, especially as it relates to home. The light side of that at the full moon is they feel like they have more energy than ever to communicate their feelings, to love their family, to be intimate with their partner. The other side of that is that they can become overwhelmed by their own feelings. Don’t be surprised, Cancer, if you find yourself crying a lot at the full moon. Normally adventurous, sociable, and fun-loving Geminis can have a hard time, too. Sometimes Geminis feel misunderstood. They can feel isolated and alone, which Geminis do not like. These emotions can be intense during the full moon cycle. 


Taurus has a focus on finances and so at the full moon, you might see a heightened anxiety about money. While the full moon could provide great potential for success with financial endeavours, it can also cause a Taurus much more concern than usual. Libra, on the other hand, is not so consumed by material things, rather, it is a sign that preoccupies itself with creating harmony between others. This in itself might be anxiety-inducing during the full moon. Full moons tend to bring out intense energy between people and so it’s harder for Libras to establish harmony. If you have an Aries who’s arguing with a Taurus about money, the Libra is going to want to make them both happy, and at the full moon that’s going to be harder to do than at any other time.


The Full Moon & How It Affects Your Zodiac Sign, written by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco

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