The Seven Psychic Senses: Are you Psychic?

The Seven Psychic Senses: Are you psychic?

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions that many practicing and professional psychics are asked or confronted with. The acceptance, awareness or understanding that many possess psychic abilities isn’t always an easy conclusion to make.

Not sure why? 

Perhaps, the lack of physical evidence may be what consists of many unable to connect with and work with their unique spiritual connections. Perhaps too, the ego stepping in and needing that evidential validation?

As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing.’

Yet, with psychic connection, seeing is rarely what forms the belief.

There is a lot of varying factors that can contribute to why this acceptance can be difficult. And, is in-large why there are some who are psychic, and some whom are not.

These connections take a strong amount of psychic and spiritual trust. Trusting in the messages, the process, the abilities.

This itself is a process that will come about as an individual experience for every psychic.

Ones “abilities” may hold similar resemblance in method and practice. Yet, how an individual psychic uses their “gifts” and draws psychic conclusions. Is a very personal, adaptive, and private process.

The seven psychic senses, or “clairs” are what many spiritual practitioners refer to in determining their psychic abilities.

These senses allow us to determine our best modalities for spirit and psychic connection. And show us where we may wish to expand, grow and develop our other senses.

Do you connect with these seven psychic senses listed below:

What are the seven psychic senses?

  • Clairvoyance – Psychic sight
  • Clairaudience – psychic hearing
  • Clairsentience – psychic sense
  • Claircognizant – psychic knowing
  • Clairalience – psychic scent
  • Clairgustance – psychic taste
  • Clairtangency – psychic touch

Many argue that this list is too restrictive, that not everyone’s abilities are able to be categorised by any one list.

Reading over these psychic gifts show that, a good point of reference may be all that is needed when drawing the conclusion that you have these abilities within yourself too.

Are you psychic? Do you connect with and understand each of these 7 senses? Which are you working on or wanting to expand?

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