Weekend Tarotscope July 2 – 4

Here is your full Star Sign Weekend Tarotscope July 2 – 4th. Covering all Astrological Sun Signs.

Tarotscopes combine elements of the Tarot and Astrology to create your energy forecast.

So, let’s see what is showing up for each sign

Aries – [March 21 – April 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: Ace of Pentacles [r]

Why isn’t there movement and progression right now? Why are you feeling at times that the new and exciting isn’t finding you, as it may be finding those around you? Are you paying attention to yourself Aries, listening and trusting that you can go at it alone and without the need to compare or idolise those around you?

You are being called to look at yourself and what your true motivators within are. Sizing ourselves up to those around us does little more than hold us back, as we see and compare their achievements with our own it doesn’t improve progression.

Why? Well, our motivations are our own and determined by our own needs, very different to the motivations of others. Take a pause, know you are getting there. Be happy for the progression of others.

Taurus – [April 20 – May 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: Strength [r]

You may be best spending time on building yourself back up Taurus.

Are you looking after yourself, feeding yourself nourishment on an internal and external level? The lack of self-care may be what rears that bulls head, if action is taken on looking after yourself better.

That may be in the need to remove yourself from negative and toxic people, or it may be toxins within the system. Over-indulgence in any areas of life will have you feeling ‘off’ and not radiating as your best self. So, if you find yourself in a less than desired energy, know it’s time to pull back and restore yourself. Less the bull emerge and gives you a whole other mess to clean up.

Gemini – [May 21 – June 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: Nine of Swords [r]

Oh darling Gemini’s, it seems that a big and comfortable hug is in order for you. There’s been a real struggle you’ve had to face or perhaps are still within the clutches of.

This has brought with it many lessons, trials and taken much energy. The good news is that the days are growing longer and the pain is dissipating. Others may just need to look after their spirits, release some energy with a good long cry. Then there are those that may be ignoring their emotional needs and bottling too much in.

Allow yourself to feel cleansed of anything that isn’t positive for you, but accepting that what’s done is done. You’ve learned and now you can grow.

Cancer [June 21 – July 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Queen of Pentacles [r]

Oh wow! Good on you, Cancer. There’s a message for you to know that hard work pays off and that there is and will be deeper stability within your finances as a result.

Some may be experiencing conflict within the home environment, that can absolutely be overcome with time away to regroup and come back together in a more positive space. If things have been tough, this is your shining light of hope that is here to let you know that brighter days are coming in.

You can ensure that this manifests for you by disengaging in mindless chatter, gossip, activities and interactions that do not bring you happiness. Look after yourself now, Cancer, as hard work pays off.

Leo [July 23 – August 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Ten of Pentacles [r]

It seems that there’s been, or will be, some need for financial outlay for you Leo’s.

You will see this as some form of failure, perhaps as it’s taken you a little time to get back on your feet. Or, perhaps it will take a little while after this need is met. However, you have become a financial planner in many aspects over the last 12 months. So, know that this is absolutely only a hiccup and not a complete loss.

You will rebuild and while this much outlay at this time isn’t desirable, it isn’t a road-block. Others will see this event as a blessing in disguise, as it does appear that this experience opens up another door for opportunity. Pay attention to the signs, they’re glimmers of what this opportunity may bring in for you.

Virgo [August 23 – September 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Six of Wands [r]

There will, unfortunately, be no resounding trumpeting for your efforts of late, Virgo.

Some of you may be expecting some form of definitive recognition; be it from colleagues, friends or family, for what you’ve recently gone above and beyond to provide/do. However, it seems that your ego may take a hit with this one, as you are left to be your own cheer-squad for a moment. The good news is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and your own validations for success should be validations enough within themselves.

Some of you may have needed this to transpire in this way, enhancing your humility. For others, there will be more that comes from this in the future, a realisation of sorts. Release what you thought you needed, in the desire to be recognised.

April Tarotscopes

Libra [September 23 – October 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Queen of Swords [r]

You may find yourself feeling a surge of over-emotion this weekend, Libra’s. There may be events that transpire to heighten the manifestation of this energy for you, or perhaps you’ve been ignoring a need to ground and slow down.

When we don’t take time out for ourselves to detach from energy around us, it can bring about heightened emotional responses that seem to come out of nowhere. Pay attention to yourself and if you’re feeling as though you are more reactive, take that as sign to slow things down a little.

There may be people and energies around you that have spiteful intentions, so be aware of those who are near because they care, and those simply in need of fresh material for gossip. If you’re aware of these people, then perhaps it’s time to reflect on those you call friends.

Scorpio [October 23 – November 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: Six of Cups [r]

Obligation rears its ugly head for you this weekend and you may find yourself with no desire at all to socialise. Family affairs that bring with it past contacts you no longer wish to see, or are a drain on you may be present.

Handle yourself accordingly to how you are treated and retreat if that treatment is dishonourable, spiteful or nasty. A lesson for you that while many can and will change, some will always remain as you remember them. Forgive those that make an effort to forgive themselves and move forwards positively, as those that do not will not.

You may have a more testy and snappy attitude this weekend, so go easy on yourself and if a social event seems too ominous, then perhaps it’s a sign to stay in with the telly or a good book.

Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: King of Swords

New information may find you this weekend that brings with it some much needed truths.

For some of you, this information will come less as a surprise and more as a realisation or confirmation to what you had already felt or known. There may be some changes on the horizon that amplify a need for movement, are you open to embracing whatever arrives for you?

Or, does the thought of more change bring in fear and doubt?

How you perceive change will aid in the manifestation of it. You are so very wise, strong and solid in what is best for you, Sagittarius, so take that with you as you move long in whatever is drawing in closer to you.

Capricorn [December 22 – January 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: Five of Wands [r]

There is a little confliction within your energy Capricorn, as you find yourself faced with energy and situations best walked away from. Outside circumstances may have you questioning if your energy is best spent within or without of certain events.

Take a look as how your energy feels in the lead-up and if you find yourself reacting in ways that goes against yourself, then take that as a sign to ground and flee. For some, there is a much needed release of tension after events play out.

So, take this as your sign to go and get your nails done, have a relaxing massage, or spend some time in the sun. Prosperity finds you at peace.

Aquarius [January 20 – February 18]

Tarotscopes Pull: Eight of Wands [r]

There is something that you are hoping to come around either by the weekend, or very soon.

It does appear that there may be let downs if this doesn’t happen or work out. So prepare yourself for the unfolding of both situations, as it looks like there is quick and unclear energy drawing closer to you that could unravel many alternated scenarios.

There is an inner conflict too, with the desire for change but being frustrated at the pace, or lack there of, of this happening. Delays don’t signify endings or a lack of progress. Adjust and reset where needed.

Pisces [February 19 – March 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: Four of Wands [r]

There may be a disagreement or conflict that shows up with someone around you Pisces. This energy seems to want to ‘rain on your parade.’

You will overcome this by simply focusing on yourself and your needs. Know that this person is now showing their truth & perhaps it no longer aligns with your own? You are moving, transitioning onto a new stage of life.

With that awareness may also come the severing of ties to those that no longer align with your adventures. It’s ok, because the distance that comes will be welcomed & best for you both.

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