If I knew the results, would I then take the risk?

If I knew the results, would I then take the risk?

Sometimes all we need in order to make and take those big life leaps; you know the ones, right? Those leaping steps that hurdle our lives off into new directions. Big steps, not baby steps. That are often backed by a big choice or decision… those are the ones! Well, sometimes all we need to take those big steps and make the big changes, is the knowing that everything will work out on the other side.

You see, it’s a large factor for why we as a human species ask and seek out advice. It’s why the toughest sportsmen and women seek out the best coaches. Why we are mentored, managed, guided by those whom have come before, done the thing or are experienced in whatever we find ourselves guided towards. Having that guidance gives us the best tools to be able to decide and implement our choices, new directions and see potential in our motivations.

This same methodology is what draws us to seek out spiritual guidance, and is a big factor in why we should. Spiritual guidance allows us to seek out and connect with our inner mentor and coaches; our intuition. Cutting out the middle-factors, and going straight to the source within ourselves.

Psychics, mediums, healers, can all tap into this aspect of ourselves. They can show us what we may yet be unable to see. 

These connections, or readings, take the questioning and guesswork out – because, with guidance comes perspective. The very essence and practice of decision making. With clear perspective we have full knowing of where our choices may lead us. Allowing our next steps towards those big-life-leaps, seem less daunting than perhaps they were before.

Ask yourself, if you knew the results first, would you then take the risk? 

Do you want to take the risk?

Do I want to take the risk?

If the risk still seems too daunting, then perhaps you need to tap into your energy. The energy of your soul-coach and see what may be holding you back.

A reading can do just that for you. Take the hard work out of wondering, pondering, floundering. Release all of that & realign yourself with your inner motivator, through spiritual guidance that uncovers everything you need to know to get going!

Some signs a reading can help you:
  • You are unable to see which way to go
  • Your path seems more like a journey – too long, unsure and difficult to tackle
  • There are more questions than answers coming to you
  • Decisions are impossible to make
  • Taking action on your truest desires seems too difficult

Mentoring with Florence King is available Friday’s with PTV Australia, please email us here to express your interest and gain more information: care@ptvaustralia.com.au

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